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Summer Session II - this session includes all classes which start between 7/9 and 8/8. The majority of the classes start on 7/9 and end on 8/8, lasting 5 weeks, but it can vary. You will not be able to enroll in more than 7 credit hours during this session due to the short period of time. If you need to enroll in additional classes you will need to work with an advisor.

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DRAM 1310    
Introduction to Theater    
3 Credit Hours    ( 5 classes)

DRAM 2289    
Academic Cooperative    
2 Credit Hours    ( 1 class)

DRAM 2331    
Stagecraft II    
3 Credit Hours    ( 1 class)

DRAM 2366    
Introduction to Cinema    
3 Credit Hours    ( 3 classes)

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