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Are you a highly motivated student who can devote time to an intense, fast-paced program of study? Then consider enrolling in a Winter term course. This "minimester," held between the end of the Fall semester and before the start of the Spring term, lets you earn up to 4 credit hours in just a few weeks.

The Winter term class schedule is different at each college but typically lasts from mid-December through early January. Winter term course offerings are limited and vary by college also; in the past, subjects have ranged from accounting and history to fine arts and fitness.

You may enroll in only 4 credit hours each Winter term. These classes are considered Spring semester classes for registration, transcript and tuition purposes. If you plan to enroll in regular Spring term classes in addition to Winter term, please register and pay for your Winter term class first.

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MATH 1314    
College Algebra    
3 Credit Hours    ( 2 classes)

MATH 1316    
Plane Trigonometry    
3 Credit Hours    ( 1 class)

MATH 1324    
Mathematics for Business and Social Sciences    
3 Credit Hours    ( 1 class)

MATH 1325    
Calculus for Business & Social Sciences Sciences    
3 Credit Hours    ( 1 class)

MATH 1342    
Elementary Statistical Methods    
3 Credit Hours    ( 1 class)

MATH 2412    
Pre-Calculus Math    
4 Credit Hours    ( 1 class)

MATH 2413    
Calculus I    
4 Credit Hours    ( 1 class)

MATH 2414    
Calculus II    
4 Credit Hours    ( 1 class)

MATH 2415    
Calculus III    
4 Credit Hours    ( 1 class)

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