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A Block-Scheduled Program is designed to allow a full-time student to enroll in a defined block of courses (morning, full-day, afternoon, evening, or weekend) to provide course scheduling predictability from semester to semester. Clinical, practicum and other externships may deviate from the block schedule.

In advance of each semester, each college will publish the available curricula for each associate degree or certificate program identified as a Block-Scheduled Program offered by the college for that semester. Students may enroll in the entire Block-Scheduled Program curriculum offered under the program in a semester rather than individual courses leading toward the degree or certificate.

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DFTG 1325    
Blueprint Reading and Sketching    
3 Credit Hours    ( 1 class)

DFTG 1405    
Technical Drafting    
4 Credit Hours    ( 1 class)

DFTG 1409    
Basic Computer-Aided Drafting    
4 Credit Hours    ( 1 class)

DFTG 1445    
Parametric Modeling and Design    
4 Credit Hours    ( 1 class)

DFTG 2419    
Intermediate Computer-Aided Drafting    
4 Credit Hours    ( 1 class)

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