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Honors and Honors Option courses challenge talented students with expanded opportunities for intellectual and personal growth. Honors courses contain only honors students; classes are usually small and discussion-oriented. In Honors Option courses, both honors and nonhonors students attend the same class sections. Honors students in these classes work independently with the instructor on honors projects.

When you are awarded honors credit in a class, that class is annotated on your academic transcript.

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ENGL 1301    
Composition I    
3 Credit Hours    ( 6 classes)

ENGL 1302    
Composition II    
3 Credit Hours    ( 4 classes)

ENGL 2307    
Creative Writing I    
3 Credit Hours    ( 1 class)

ENGL 2321    
British Literature    
3 Credit Hours    ( 1 class)

ENGL 2327    
American Literature I    
3 Credit Hours    ( 1 class)

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