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A Distance Learning course will transfer to other institutions in situations where the on-campus section of the same course will transfer; however, students who plan to transfer to a four-year institution should consult the catalog of that institution and work with an advisor in planning their academic programs. Material about transfer information is available at each college's Advising/Counseling Center.

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GISC 1125    
Concepts and Careers in Geographic Information Systems    
1 Credit Hours    ( 1 class)

GISC 1411    
Introduction to Geographic Information -Systems (gis)    
4 Credit Hours    ( 1 class)

GISC 2231    
Advanced Problems in Geographic Information Systems (GIS)    
2 Credit Hours    ( 1 class)

GISC 2380    
Co-Op Ed-Cartography Cooperative Education in Cartography    
3 Credit Hours    ( 1 class)

GISC 2459    
Web-Served Geographic Information Systems (GIS)    
4 Credit Hours    ( 1 class)

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